Angie Galimanis


How long have you lived in Oregon? 47 years - by the way, now you know how old I am.

A little bit about yourself? I absolutely love my job. Really, I do. I started my career as a journalist at KGW, another job I loved. After working with a number of publicists, I decided the make the switch over and am so glad that I did. My job allows me to work with some of the best and brightest in the industry - my staff, our clients, the media we’re communicating with - their ideas and creativity inspire me everyday.

All time favorite Podcast? New York Times’ The Daily and Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. I love them the same and could never pick a favorite.


Katie Schoen

Vice President

How long have you lived in Oregon? 30 years - I’m from a family of native Oregonians.

A little big about yourself? I went to college as an English major with the goal of pursuing a career in writing. One multi-media seminar with The Oregonian’s John Canzano shifted me to journalism, but my zeal for storytelling never wavered. I’m fiercely passionate about creating a cadence of conversation that elevates, empowers and engages.

Favorite celebrity feud? Mariah Carey vs. Jennifer Lopez... "I don't know her”


Jenica Villamor

Senior Account Executive

How long have you lived in Oregon? 16 Years

A little bit about yourself? I have six years of experience as a journalist, which means I enterprised, shot, wrote and edited all of my stories for air. As a reporter for FOX12 in Portland, I covered entertainment and lifestyle news. Aside from a strong on camera presence, my segments required compelling storytelling, coordination and planning, all skills I use now that I am a part of Lawrence PR.

Legendary party trick? I can deadlift my fiancé. :)


Jane Wiley

Account Executive

How long have you lived in Oregon? 25 Years

A little bit about yourself? I have my hands on many of the client’s day-to-day projects, including pitching, planning and ensuring things are running smoothly. I am a hard-working thrill-seeker with a love for adventure and new experiences. I am passionate about photography, being outdoors and spending time with friends.

Last thing you binged on Netflix? Queer Eye season 1-3. I spent an entire weekend on the couch, thank goodness for Postmates!


Olivia Berry

Account Executive

How long have you lived in Oregon? 18 years with a brief stint in Texas while attending Baylor University.

A little bit about yourself? I’m a naturally inquisitive and hard-working person with a passion for creative storytelling. Going into college, I thought I wanted to be a journalist but, thanks to some incredible professors and classes, I switched to public relations and it was the best decision I could’ve ever made! No day looks the same in PR, and I love that my job gives me a new opportunity to push myself every day.

What song is giving you life? Twilight by
Anderson .Paak


Laurie Sterkowicz


How long have you lived in Oregon? Around 50 years, split between Bend and Portland, Ore.

A little bit about yourself? After working 30+ years in the accounting field, I came on board with Lawrence PR at its inception. I am the proud mother of Angie Galimanis, and am the youngest daughter of the company’s namesake, Lawrence Rora.

Where are you found most weekends? Spending time with family and friends, whether it’s visiting my daughter Michelle in Italy, hosting deck parties or Sunday night family dinners.


Charles Galimanis

Building Security

How long have you lived in Oregon? About 5 years, but no one really knows how old I am.

A little bit about yourself? I am the office security. I make sure all guests including UPS, FedEx, mail and repair people, as well as clients, our landlord, friends and family know they are being watched.

Celebrity crush? Scout the Golden Retriever