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We’re all Oregon, all the time

To say that Oregon is a passion of Lawrence PR’s is the understatement of the century. As women who have grown up and put down firm roots in the state, we could not feel more strongly about Oregon and all it has to offer. When Lawrence PR was founded five ago by native Angie Galimanis, she made the decision to only work with companies based here in Oregon.

Why such a narrow focus?

Because Angie knew there were plenty of stories, companies and brands right here in Oregon that would not only fill her roster, but that would allow her to brag about the state she loves to her countless contacts around the country. As her team grew, she found that Katie, Jenica, Jane, Olivia and Laurie felt the same way. The commitment to working locally remains the same today – we’re all Oregon, all the time.

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Turns out it's hard to name a company

Especially for Angie, who wanted more than just a name. She wanted something that spoke to her vision for the company. Then it came to her - Lawrence

Lawrence Rora, Larry to his friends and Gramps to his grandkids, is the namesake of Lawrence PR. Born to Italian immigrants, Lawrence made his home in Vancouver, Wash., where he owned a plywood company. Angie, who was very close to her grandfather, remembers him as someone who always worked incredibly hard, while always making time for his friends and family. Kind of the perfect namesake for a company that strives to do the same, don't you think?

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Our approach is getting results, plain and simple

Each and every one of our clients enjoys continuous local, regional, national and market-specific coverage. We love spreading the word and sharing with the masses all of the amazing things they’re doing, creating, cooking, making, selling, building, improving, innovating, beautifying, yada, yada, yada.

Ask anyone, we get them amazing results.

We spend our days pitching. It is, of course, fueled by strategy, which we geek out on, but at the end of the day, you are hiring a PR partner to earn media coverage. That’s what we do.


Let’s work together!

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